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Becca Stackhouse-Morson

Just wanted to share a little about the Stacked Intent podcast is hosted by Becca Stackhouse-Morson (me), and she’s all about helping you live your best life, no apologies needed. Along with our nutrition episodes co-hosted by Ashleigh Geurin, who has a fantastic background and passion for nutrition education, and our relationship episodes co-hosted by Sarah Bradley, who has a passion to serve the rural community to help improve their relationships. 

What can you expect from the Stacked Intent podcast? The podcast raises the bar to another level. We dive deep into topics like healthy relationships, finance, nutrition, and we even explore special topics, all backed by solid research-based information. You're in for a real treat when you tune in.

If you're ready to embark on a journey of intentional living, building unapologetic confidence in yourself, and stacking your life with purpose, give Stacked Intent a listen. It's all about helping you become the best version of yourself. 

Stacked Intent is a Family Life Education business, resonating with individuals who aspire to rediscover or discover their most authentic version of themselves. We provide resources to inspire individuals to rediscover or discover their most impactful decisions regarding their relationship with money, time, and energy, contributing to goal setting and decision-making through a comprehensive understanding of self. The opportunity to help just one person in understanding that their whole world is impacted when they have a healthy self-relationship is core and with a background in Family Studies, I aim to provide individuals with a space to embrace their authenticity. 


There was a pivotal question asked by my mom that sparked a realization about the need for guidance in fostering healthy relationships. The question she asked, “Why are you easily able to talk about relationships and sex in the County programming you are presenting?” I simply answered her with, "If not me, then who is going to help these teenagers learn how a healthy relationship is possible?" Too often our society beautifies a relationship (i.e. romantic, family, friendship), but doesn’t teach the true meaning and healthy relationship boundaries. This lit my passion to share with individuals through each transition that is truly a possibility to live in understanding that healthy is a possibility when you understand your most authentic version of yourself. From a place of pain of losing friendships, becoming a one directional friendship, or simply those who were temporary along life’s road, it is important to know and practice the keys to create well balanced and healthy relationships. There are relationship break ups and choosing to be single with much self-reflection to the development of the authentic version of self. From all these places Stacked Intent, was created to provide resources through research-based podcasting, courses, workshops, seminars, blogs, and social media posts.

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